Weasels are large crablike predators that are native to the Neverhood. They possess six limbs, four of which serve as legs. Its forelimbs are placed on top of its body, and are tipped with large, scorpion-esque claws. They are not insects, due to their possession of a cephalothorax. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is its large mouth, which has seven mandibles, and sharp conical teeth, which they use to dice and consume their prey.

Klaymen meets two of those during the game, and defeats both:

Green Weasel Edit


The green weasel lives behind a wall in the Arena. A music box is placed in front of the wall and when Klaymen plays it, he summons the weasel. It chases him around the Arena (where both Klaymen and the weasel prove not to be very intelligent) until Klaymen manages to escape into the Dynamite Shack.

Then Klaymen must feed the weasel with the TNT dummy, and after it eats it it explodes. An arm lands in front of Willie Trombone, who seems to get a meal.

After the weasel is gone, Klaymen is able to go through the hole where it used to dwell and finds the red car. The symbol next to weasel's hole no longer produces growling sounds and flashes when clicked.

Purple Weasel Edit


The purple weasel seems to be a bit smaller than the first one, has bigger claws and eyes on stalks. Klaymen encounters it when controlling Bil, while it is trying to eat Willie. Klaymen commands Bil to smash the weasel and they save Willie, who joins them.

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