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Victoids are large wolf like creatures that crave flesh. Victoids live in the most dangerous part of space, however they are only mentioned once in the Neverhood series and are seen in two videos in the game Skullmonkeys.


Willie's Encounter Edit

When Ottoborg's World fell apart, Willie's chunk of land floated into Victoid's territory. Willie did not know about these fearsome creatures and tried to be friends with them. The Victoids decided that they would have to trick Willie so they could eat him. However Big Robot Bil arrived just in time to save Willie. Willie then dined on Victoids and used their fur as blankets.

In Skullmonkeys


Klaymen Encounters a Victoid on Idznak. The Hunggry victoid tries to eat klaymen. However, he is accidently cut fatally in half by the HuntMonkey. One Victoid(Possibly a different one) Briefly appears in the Final cutscene During the song "Klogg is Dead!"

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