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The Clockwork Beast is a robot possibly a cyborg made by Klogg to protect the castle. The Clockwork Beast is released by pressing a button in the Throne room, and comes up from underground in a strange, test tube like container. The Clockwork Beast looks similar to The Bear Retrieval Units only huge and with mechanical features such as eyes, helmet, and claws. Possibly a humanoid bird. The Clockwork Beast also has a small patrol vehicle attached to his back called the Bear Retrieval Unit. Willie seems to recognize the beast, and is so frightend he knocks himself out.

Robot Bil finds The Clockwork Beast.

The Fight Edit

When it emerges, Willie yells, "Clockwork Beast! Clockwork Beast! We're doomed! We're doomed!" Willie then runs into a strange metal device in Bil and passes out. The Beast wanted to destroy Bil's Teddy Bear for unknown reasons. Which it does during the fight, after receiving it from The Bear Retrieval Units. After it destroys the bear, Bil destroys the Beast. The fight ultimately caused the death of Willie and Bil.

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