Skullmonkeys are a species of creature that inhabits the Planet Idznak. They were originally described in the Neverhood's Hall of Records, but were later featured in their own game, Skullmonkeys.

Description Edit

Skullmonkeys are large, hairless apes with skulls instead of heads that occasionally have a tail. They eat klayballs and like to sing, run around mindlessly, and jump up and down repetitively, They come in many sizes, shapes, and forms.

The mating of a Skullmonkey and a Blue Ynt produces a being that looks like a White Ynt and behaves like a Skullmonkey.

In Skullmonkeys Edit

After being shot off the Neverhood, Klogg lands on Idznak, declares himself a king of Skullmonkeys ("Kloggmonkey") and makes the Skullmonkeys build him Evil Engine Number 9. Thorough the game, they (along with Ynts) are the main villains that Klaymen destroys.

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