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Ottoborg was one of the seven sons of Quater and by far was not the brightest.

Creating His World Edit

Ottoborg did research on robots, so he created three. Bil who was good at building, Appie who was good at digging, and Togor who was good at painting. They helped him build his world and Ottoborg then had seven sons. Hypen Nupen, Petri Alfonzo, Willie Trombone, Aloh Al, Derradious Hapsicom (who's nickname was Creeker), Hondo and Ed. They all lived in Ottoborg's world and they all had rings on their head. They would occasionally get their ring caught on a tree branch and hang there for days. Unfortunately, Ottoborg did not hold his world together with gravity, so one day it fell apart. Nothing was ever heard of Ottoborg after that.

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