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Numeron was the third son of Quater. His story is told in the Hall of Records.

Story Edit

Numeron was set on a planet by Quater and immediately began creating clones of himself until hundreds of clones inhabited the planet. His first two clones, Nabris and Abris, began to hate each other until Nabris eventually killed Abris by braking the antlers on his back. Numeron was aware of this act and punished Nabris by blinding him with a bolt of energy.

Numeron retained control and power over his clones until one day, a portion of his cloned fell to their deaths in a trench. Only two survived, Numby and Nasak the great, who quickly began creating their own civilisations within the canyon. Numeron realised from watching this that his clones would immediately forget about him if they were ever separated from the colony.

Nasak and Numby's two colonies eventually began to conflict, and Numeron decided to end it through purging the trench of its inhabitants. He witnessed Numby and his Wife and found them to be good willed, and thus decided to spare them of the purge. He supplied them with materials to create a treehouse until Numeron filled the trench with poison gas, killing Nasak and the colonies.

Numeron saw Numby and Grace beginning to starve and gave them a bird that would lay giant eggs for them. The gas beneath the treehouse began to harden until it became a solid surface that they could walk safely upon. The pair lived happy lives in the treehouse under Numeron's watch until they died.

Appearance Edit

Numeron's body is made up entirely of rectangular blocks. His head lacks any feature save for a single rectangular prism along his face, likely representing his eye. He evidently has the largest of the humanoid physiques and is possibly the largest of the sons, second only to Ogdilla.

Personality Edit

Numeron is described to be obsessed with rules and logic, and is possibly a mathematical genius. He is focused on making sure the laws Quater creates are obeyed, by himself and others. He refuses to perform any action unless it has been approved of by Father or Quater.

Numeron is initial uninterested in the progress of his clones and refuses to interfere with their actions. However, when their respect for him was discovered to be limited by his presence, he became more involved in the world he created.

He is also shown to be fairly merciful and considerate, as shown by his sparing Numby from death and giving them a happy life together.

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