There are two miniature labs in the Purple Building that Klaymen uses to unshrink himself back to life size after being shrunk by the shrinking cylinder.

A lab consists of three test tubes and three pipes, each of which pours out a different liquid. In order to be enlarged, Klaymen must make a concoction with correct amounts of each liquid.

Green lab Edit

Green lab

Green lab - Klaymen has had the correct mixture and is swelling

The green lab is located in the same room as the Cylinder. Klaymen should only use this one in order to "undo" shrinking and go back to lake floor, for example, in order to find out the correct combination for the purple lab. The correct amounts of liquids (purple, yellow and orange) can be seen in the same room where the lab is, to the right of the barred window.

Purple lab Edit

Purple lab

Purple lab - wrong mixture!

The purple lab is located in the room above, in the Hall of Kings. Klaymen must use this one to unshrink there and go by ladder further up to the teleport machine. This lab has red, green and blue liquids, and each click adds ⅙ of a liquid to the beaker. The combination is displayed on the lake wall and can be accessed by green car.

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