The Hall of Records is an extremely long hallway that is visited in The Neverhood. It depicts the history of the Neverhood, which is not necessary to know to complete the game, but provides interesting background information about characters such as Hoborg, Willie Trombone and Big Robot Bil.

Story Edit

The wall starts by presenting Father, who is like a god in the Neverhood universe, and his son Quater, who had written the Hall. Then it tells the story of each of Quater's seven sons: Ogdilla, Bertbert, Numeron, Ottoborg, Homen, Hoborg and Arven.

The story can also be read on

Place Edit

The Hall of Records starts as a big red building in the shape of a crown in the park. The building consists of three rooms, and the actual hall.

First room Edit

E um Bolu

Klaymen enters the first room through the narrow black and white door with an engraved H above it, which stands for Hoborg. It has pale pink walls, a small but massive staircase to the exit door (Klaymen opens it by pressing the button on the opposite wall) and a large ceiling fan. A disk can be found there, and the "H" puzzle has to be solved in order to proceed to the next room.

Second room Edit

E um Bolu - naprej

The second room has the same pink walls, and contains another disk and a disk player. There is a small hole in the right wall. If you click it, Klaymen will grab it and pull it upwards, which makes the left arch (leading to the first room) shrink and reveals the entrance to the Hall of Records.

Hall Edit

Hall of Records end

This hall depicts the history of the Neverhood universe. It is necessary to reach the end of it to find one of the disks left by Willie. The Hall of Records is considered to be one of the longest and most tedious elements of the Neverhood, and takes approximately nine to ten minutes to walk through. Due to the length of the hall and the amount of content written on each screen-visible section of the hall, it is suggested by most not to read all of it.

Room behind the spikes Edit

HoR behind spikes

On the second screen of the Hall, there is an elevator behind the spiky door (opened with a button next to it). The elevator takes Klaymen down to a small room with another disk, a blue button and a lever. The button should be pressed in order to open the door in the cave, and pulling a lever shows Bil having blown part of his head off by the cannon (later in the game, Klaymen actually shoots Bil in the head).

Klaymen must visit the place with the light off too, in order to view the three glowing symbols which are the key to lift the cannon.

When leaving the room, make sure to close the spikes behind you, otherwise Klaymen won't be able to climb to the upper floor of Aqua House.

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