Bertbert is the second son of Quater. His story is told in the Hall of Records.


When Bertbert was created by Quater, he was given the idea that he himself was Quater. Because of this, he instantly made a son named Bertbert. This son, Bertbert, also believed himself to be Quater, and made his own sons. This continued on for a very long time until there were dozens of sons who thought themselves to be Quater. But since neither Bertbert or any of his sons could create an exact copy, the beings became less and less similar to the original. The later generations suffered from birth defects and mental problems.

The original Bertbert had indirectly created a civilization where the normal, good looking beings would constantly hang out in the front of a giant crowd and usually crack jokes about the ugly, strange beings that dwelled at the back of the crowd. One specific individual, Bickback, had disgusting spots on him, making him a freak. However, Bickback proved his wittiness by making his cousin Hiface cry by insulting him. Eventually, the front of the crowd accepted Bickback as one of them, but Bickback continuously made fun of the ugly beings in the back of it.

Soon enough, the crowd wanted Bickback to make an insulting song about his brother Lytle, who was literally suffering from retardation. Lytle hugged Bickback and claimed, "Ly'le like Bicks!", which caused the crowd to go into a riot of laughter. Bickback soon realized his mistakes, and made a special kind of song for Lytle. Some of the crowd loved the song and realized the same mistakes Bickback realized, though other parts of the crowd didn't exactly agree. Nevertheless, Bickback continued the original Bertbert's lineage of sons.

Mak Mak, the great, great grandson of Bickback, created his own child also named Mak Mak. This child was two-dimensional, and on each side was a gender, making the child Mak Mak both male and female. The original Mak Mak wasn't crazy about this, so he split his child in two with a crowbar. The power of the blow while splitting the child made the crowbar fly out of Mak Mak's grasps and into space, never to be seen by Mak Mak again.

Bertbert indirectly began the Fwah Legends, which are the stories of Feh and his thirteen sons. The story was about how Feh's sons never worked and never helped out with the FwaCattle. The only son that pulled his weight was Klee, and his name meant, "give me more like this one." Klee's hardworking personality didn't settle well with the other sons, and so they strapped Klee to a FwaBull, and had Klee carried away. Feh believed Klee was dead, and mourned his son's death for 88 years. Klee ended up in the domain of the Emperor of the area. He was found on the bull and soon made into a butler. But soon the Emperor's bodyguard came to realization that his wife was looking at Klee, and so he threw Klee in prison.

While in prison, Klee told other people about how he can interpret messages hidden in bed-head. The Emperor awoke one morning with bed-head, and he called for Klee to interpret the message for him. Klee did so, and was appointed as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Fep. Klee soon returned to his brothers and pulled a trick on them, fooling them more than once with the same trick. Klee soon revealed himself, and although his brothers didn't remember him at first, Klee continued to tell about what happened after his brothers betrayed him.

And so, Bertbert's other sons started to become less and less intelligent. Soon enough, a being named Uh Uh was created. Uh Uh, however, could not continue making sons, as he was merely a blob of meat who wasn't even alive, and therefore could not reproduce. It is unknown from here the fate of the BertBerts, though they possibly died out.

Appearance Edit

Bertbert has a very humanoid appearance, having a pentagonal head, a square nose and two oval eyes positioned against the nose, thus close to each other. He has long thin mustache and thick eyebrows. His crown is positioned on the left side of his head, and overall the crown is rather small as opposed to the long crown Hoborg has. His body is tall and somewhat bulky, with a tunic/vest and what looks like armor on his arms and legs. He lacks a left hand, and appears to have a short blade in place of it. Other than this, Bertbert's other features are unknown, including his color, voice and personality.

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